If your child will be arriving late (after 7:50 am) or absent for any reason, please phone the classroom, (919) 929-8715 + classroom extension, and leave a message for the teacher. 

Alternately, you may phone the data manager, (919) 929-8715 ext. 36214, and leave a message which will be forwarded to the classroom.

Please see the Ephesus Parent Handbook for specific attendance policy information.

Attendance Matrix & Procedures

As the school year begins, we ask for your help to ensure positive school-wide attendance.  The school has a goal to have less than 5% of the students absent more than 10% of the year (10%=18 days excused or unexcused) as well as to have students in school on time and in school daily.  

The below listed matrix shows the expectations we have for positive school attendance as well the numbers of absences or tardies which indicate a child needs to improve their attendance. These zones are for a full school year.  

In order to stay in the green zone your child would need to earn no more than the below listed amounts per quarter.

Please work to keep your child in the green zone and thank you in advance for working hard to have your child in school and on time each day!  If your child enters the yellow zone in any area, there is room for improvement.  If your child enters the red zone, it’s a serious issue that may impact him/her academically and socially.

Please carefully consider any absences or tardies. Please see the list of suggestions for keeping a child in the green zone and contact the school social worker, Marne Meredith, 929-8715 x36268, if you need more individual assistance. The school nurse, Megan Mueller, x36216, or the school counselor, Ashley Sherman, x36286, are also available to assist you.