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Ephesus FAQ's for Parents

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my child have a similar experience at Ephesus as at his/her previous school?

While every school community is unique, all elementary students within the Chapel Hill-Carrboro city Schools will have similar learning experiences. Our curriculum is based upon the Common Core Essential Standards in math and literacy and the NC Essential Standards for all other subjects.

What specials will my child have at Ephesus?

We offer art, music, and PE. We teach French as our foreign language in grades 1-5. Students will visit the media center on a flexible schedule. Technology is integrated into learning in all subjects as appropriate.

Do you have any classrooms in cabins?

No, we do not have any k-5 classrooms in cabins. We have two pre-k/Head Start classses in cabins. The other cabins are used for offices and music. Should we ever become crowded, these spaces could be used as spaces for k-5 classes.

What are the school hours?

Elementary school hours are 7:50 AM – 2:30 PM. Students may arrive beginning at 7:25 AM. Upon arrival, students report directly to their classrooms to organize themselves for the day and do morning work. Students who wish to eat breakfast may pick up their food on the way to class. Students who arrive after 7:50 AM are tardy and must sign in at the main office with a parent/guardian.

How can I be involved in my child's education at Ephesus?

We welcome volunteers in many different capacities. Those who wish to spend time with us can register with the Volunteer Office at Lincoln Center or speak directly to the staff member with whom they'd like to work. Opportunities vary from one-time help to regularly scheduled volunteer work. Some options include, but are not limited to: class parent (through the PTA), media center help, assistance during core instruction, and clerical tasks.

How can I join the PTA?

You can join the PTA during our popsicle social in August or any time during the school year. The website is ephesuspta.org and the president can be contacted at president@ephesuspta.org

What is the SIT?

The School Improvement Team (SIT) is comprised of staff and parents. The group meets one evening per month to discuss issues relevant to school policy. During ths time, there are regular reports and updates such that community members can stay informed regarding current issues. The SIT also writes and revises the annual School Improvement Plan (SIP).

What is the procedure for parents and other visitors during the school day?

Our doors are locked all day except from 7:25-7:50 AM. All visitors must ring the buzzer at the main entrance, state the reason for the visit, then sign in and wear a visible badge while on campus. Visitors should report directly to and from their assigned location and may not roam freely throughout the building as they could interrupt instruction. If a parent needs to see his/her child during the school day, we will call the student to the main office to do so.

I just have a quick question. Should I "pop in" at arrival or dismissal time?

No. While this may seem to be the most convenient way to ask a quick question, it would be very difficult if every parent chose to do so at the same time! In an effort to give you and your child the time and attention you deserve, please email, call, or schedule a conference rather than share information in passing or first thing in the morning.

What are arrival and dismissal procedures?

Again, students may arrive between 7:25 – 7:50 AM. Staff members and fifth grade safety patrol students will be stationed throughout the building to open doors and provide assistance. In the morning:

  • bus riders and walkers will enter the building through the doors facing Ephesus Church Rd.
  • car riders should be dropped off at the kiss 'n go area. This lane is accessed via the driveway that is furthest from 15-501/Fordham Blvd.. If there is no adult present to greet your child, you are either early and must wait until 7:25 or you are late and must park and escort your child inside the building.
  • parents who wish to walk their children into the building should either walk or park in our visitors lot (the main entrance – we call this the atrium entrance). While it is OK for parents to escort their children to the classrooms, we do ask that you say good-bye at the door. This allows your child to feel a sense of ownership and pride as part of the classroom community as well as builds independence.
  • The visitors parking lot (atrium entrance) is not to be used as a drop off area except for students in our system-level classes for students with special needs. 

In the afternoon:

  • bus riders will be escorted to the bus by a staff member.
  • students who attend After School at Ephesus will be escorted to their sign-in location by a staff member.
  • students who walk will be escorted to the gym by a staff member. Parents who walk to pick up their children must wait in the parent waiting area outside of the gym. A staff member or student on safety patrol will bring students to the parents.
  • students who are car riders will be escorted to the kiss 'n go lane by a staff member. Parents must remain in their cars as a staff member or safety patrol student will assist all children.
  • students must have a written note if their afternoon transportation plan changes. 

More questions? Please contact your child's teacher, the principal, or assistant principal.

We are so glad that you are part of our school community! 

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